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Cooperation with Hartmann food technology

The quality standards in Russia are gradually reaching European levels. Hartmann food technology from Nienburg has years of experience in the Russian market. As a general contractor in Russia Hartmann has always focused on quality and selected its products accordingly...

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Again and again we experience that, in technical discussions with colleagues and other industry insiders, utterly false or misleading statements regarding the function and effect of a under floor exhaust extraction are made...

Leaky stable doors

Leaky stable doors

Unfortunately we always come across leaky section doors when we do our checks in the stables.

So we would like to point out once more...

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

The ever rising energy prices are causing several managers to "screen" their businesses:

where is my operation? are my energy costs too high? or is everything OK?

New perforated Panels

New perforated Panels

The further development of the well-known hard foam supply air perforated panel led to the innovation of a new perforated panel which is made ​​of EPS foam with NANO technology

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Advantages and Functions

Wärmetauscher im Betrieb

Advantages and Functions - The second generation of practical air-air heat exchangers, the best of its kind!

The basic principles behind the operation of an air-air heat exchanger are quite obvious. Physically
separated incoming and outgoing air flows pass eachother in a counter-current through extremely thin,
thermally conductive chambers or modules. Since theair masses (because of basic physical laws of
thermodynamics) want to balance out, the warmer airmass strives to deliver energy, while the colder
air mass "wants" to absorb this energy. Due to the cooling or heating of the exchanger material and the
associated temperature transfer between these two air masses, an energy balance occurs. The
exhaust air is cooled while the supply air is warmed.
Therefore the theoretic maximum capacity of an air-air heat exchanger lies in the exchange of all
"excess" energy between the exhaust air and the supply air until a balance of energy between the
supply air and exhaust air is reached.
Thus the amount of energy in the exhaust air flow depends mainly on the air rate per hour, the
temperature and (since water is an excellent heat accumulator) on the water content of the air mass.

Fact sheet on hdt eddy-current air-air heat exchanger:

  • spiral counter-flow system with optimised surfaces
  • very high degree of efficiency due to screw-shaped exhaust air routing (eddy current process)
  • newly designed exhaust and supply air inlet and outlet openings which prevent pressure loss
  • smoother surfaces with a new plastic material guarantee a high degree of self cleaning
  • fully automatic pre and main wash which is divided into several zones
  • only a maximum of 30% heat loss during the automatic wash cycle
  • increased service life due to a new material used for the outer casing = XPS = GRP sandwich panels for the exchanger module = in ABS plastic
  • individual designs are possible, e.g. retrofitting
  • improved insulation of the WT-MFK due to high-quality insulating foam

A heat exchanger which is not controlled properly can lose up to 30% in performance. For this reason the following functions are regulated on our exchanger:

  • fully automatic synchronisation of exchanger, loft air and outside air with intersecting and mixing function of all air currents.
  • complete control of the washing unit with seasonal adaptation and automatic interval-wash during exchanger downtime.
  • adaptation of exchanger output to the respective weather situation, with moisture dependant adaptation of the minimum airflow rate.
  • adaptation of exchanger to the airflow rate, with automatic loft air mixing function.

Our experience - your certain success!


Function diagram

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/energie-und-umwelt/waermetauscher/WT MFK 200_3D grau Pfeil-Beschriftet.jpg

Images of: Air-Air Heat Exchangers
Video of an hdt Eddy Current Heat Exchanger

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