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Cooperation with Hartmann food technology

The quality standards in Russia are gradually reaching European levels. Hartmann food technology from Nienburg has years of experience in the Russian market. As a general contractor in Russia Hartmann has always focused on quality and selected its products accordingly...

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Again and again we experience that, in technical discussions with colleagues and other industry insiders, utterly false or misleading statements regarding the function and effect of a under floor exhaust extraction are made...

Leaky stable doors

Leaky stable doors

Unfortunately we always come across leaky section doors when we do our checks in the stables.

So we would like to point out once more...

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

The ever rising energy prices are causing several managers to "screen" their businesses:

where is my operation? are my energy costs too high? or is everything OK?

New perforated Panels

New perforated Panels

The further development of the well-known hard foam supply air perforated panel led to the innovation of a new perforated panel which is made ​​of EPS foam with NANO technology

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Rengstorf Family Operation

Rengstorf family operation – a model operation

A pig breeding operation that takes all of the animal's needs into account.

Due to the new husbandry regulations, Andreas Rengstorf and his family came to what was certainly not an easy decision to increase the existing number of sows.

The Rengstorfs have always placed strong emphasis on ensuring that the animals feel comfortable in the stables and that they are kept under the appropriate conditions. Sufficient ventilation has always been important to them. Slots and floors don't get clean and dry on their own. This is the reason that Andreas Rengstorf had two heat exchangers installed in his new fattening stable in 2004. 

Image of fattening stable in 2004:

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2012/Familienbetrieb Rengstorf/Rengstorfs.jpg

The fact that the new sow stable and the subsequent conversion of the farm facility to piglet rearing would be equipped with heat exchangers was clear from the beginning. The experience of the last eight years was just so good.

The change to future-oriented LC4 control technology then came very quickly, although some control systems already existed in the farm facility. The possibility to run the entire energy management system in the stables with one system quickly convinced Andreas Rengstorf.

Image LC4 Monitor with building diagram:

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/regelungstechnik/LC-4/LC4-2012-Monitor Grafik.png

Due to the location, a bio-scrubber had to be installed behind the heat exchanger in the piglet rearing facility. In this case good collaboration between Devrie and hdt quickly led to the right solution. Integrating a bio-scrubber is not always easy, especially during conversion measures. Thanks to good planning the implementation went very well.


Image piglet rearing facility with heat exchanger and bio-scrubber:

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2012/Familienbetrieb Rengstorf/Rengstorf 25.jpg

The fact that the Rengstorfs pig breeding facility is operated with heart and soul is plain to see. During our visit two weeks ago this became obvious to us by the welfare of the animals.


Image animals that feel comfortable:

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2012/Familienbetrieb Rengstorf/Rengstorf.jpg

This is our way of saying thank you for the good collaboration with the Rengstorf family since 2004.

Andreas, it is always a pleasure working with you.

There are some impressions of the stable and the animals in the following pictures and video.

Your hdt team

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