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Cooperation with Hartmann food technology

The quality standards in Russia are gradually reaching European levels. Hartmann food technology from Nienburg has years of experience in the Russian market. As a general contractor in Russia Hartmann has always focused on quality and selected its products accordingly...

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Again and again we experience that, in technical discussions with colleagues and other industry insiders, utterly false or misleading statements regarding the function and effect of a under floor exhaust extraction are made...

Leaky stable doors

Leaky stable doors

Unfortunately we always come across leaky section doors when we do our checks in the stables.

So we would like to point out once more...

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

The ever rising energy prices are causing several managers to "screen" their businesses:

where is my operation? are my energy costs too high? or is everything OK?

New perforated Panels

New perforated Panels

The further development of the well-known hard foam supply air perforated panel led to the innovation of a new perforated panel which is made ​​of EPS foam with NANO technology

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Hot days

Unfortunately still the standard in many sow breeding facilities: A poorly controlled floor heating system.

Hot weather causes extra strain on the animals.

The results: Poor piglet resting behaviour (see image) and heat stress for the sows.
Many stables still do not control the floor heating circuit with the climate computer. The result is unnecessary heat stress for the sows, poor piglet resting behaviour and to make matters even worse unnecessary energy costs.
The nest area with bad resting behaviour shown in the cover picture is controlled manually.

Image 1: Controlling the nests

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2013/Heisse Tage/manuelle Regelung(FILEminimizer).jpg

Manual control


The manual control is not sufficient to ensure the right amount of water and the right temperature for sow and piglets, especially on days with strong fluctuations.

Image 2: Shows a computer controlled control valve and the compartment balancing valve

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2013/Heisse Tage/Regelkugelhahn(FILEminimizer).jpg

Image 3: Shows the floor distributor with hydraulic adjustment for the individual lines

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2013/Heisse Tage/Verteiler(FILEminimizer).jpg

Image 4: The input screen on our LC-4 energy management stable climate computer

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2013/Heisse Tage/LC-4 Regelung(FILEminimizer).jpg

How poor manual control can be can be seen in the following extract from a progress curve from a farrowing compartment. The orange line shows the progression of the actual floor heat temperature. The green line shows how intense the control signal for the hot water valve was at this time to achieve the even progression of the actual temperature. This cannot be done manually.

Image 5: Extract from a farrowing compartment progression curve

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2013/Heisse Tage/Verlaufskurve.jpg


The necessary values can only be reached in a farrowing compartment with optimum control and a hydraulic calculation.

Ask us. We know how to do it!

Your hdt and konzept.team

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