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Cooperation with Hartmann food technology

The quality standards in Russia are gradually reaching European levels. Hartmann food technology from Nienburg has years of experience in the Russian market. As a general contractor in Russia Hartmann has always focused on quality and selected its products accordingly...

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Again and again we experience that, in technical discussions with colleagues and other industry insiders, utterly false or misleading statements regarding the function and effect of a under floor exhaust extraction are made...

Leaky stable doors

Leaky stable doors

Unfortunately we always come across leaky section doors when we do our checks in the stables.

So we would like to point out once more...

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

The ever rising energy prices are causing several managers to "screen" their businesses:

where is my operation? are my energy costs too high? or is everything OK?

New perforated Panels

New perforated Panels

The further development of the well-known hard foam supply air perforated panel led to the innovation of a new perforated panel which is made ​​of EPS foam with NANO technology

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Wellness in a Farrowing Stable

At the moment everyone is talking about the topic of wellness in farrowing stables.

It's very important to create the right climate for all animals in the section (the sow and the piglets).
Here we can’t make a decision for the piglets or the sows.

This is nothing new to us. We're just amazed that it has taken so many years to become an important subject.

There is more to a comfort zone than just a cover over the nests. The best nest isn't worth anything if the so called "nose ventilation" spills too much air over the trough edge into the nest.

This includes the proper air supply to sows and piglets, which provides sufficient air but does not cause a draft.

Here the supply air should be supplied to the breathing area of the sows and then be lead slowly to the piglets.

As you see we have an "and" principle, not an "or".
In the farrowing stable we want to scratch the word "or" out of our vocabulary!

Everything has to fit together, the hydraulic and the warm water grates and the cover and the supply air and the controls.

Example of controlling of the room and the nest area:

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2012/Wellness im Abferkelstall/Wellness im Abferkelstall 4.jpg

Here you cannot replace an "and" with an "or".

Unfortunately we still find that these factors are not being considered in farrowing stables.

The results:

- improper resting behaviour

- heat stress for the sows

- increased energy costs for heating

- increased energy costs for ventilation

- poor milk yield from sows (too hot, lower feed intake)

- animal loss caused by crushing

Example: Improper resting behaviour due to excessive floor heat

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2012/Wellness im Abferkelstall/Wellness im Abferkelstall 11.jpg

Example: A small excerpt from correct hydraulics

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2012/Wellness im Abferkelstall/Wellness im Abferkelstall 12.jpg

If all criteria are met then the piglets will feel comfortable in the stable and not only the sows.

You can also find some information on the subject in our Media Center.

In the attached video you can see an example of how it can look with a cover without an infra-red lamp. There is also a presentation in PDF format in the appendix to this news.

This is how proper resting behaviour in the stable looks: 

files/inhaltbilder/galerien/Aktuell 2012/Wellness im Abferkelstall/Wellness im Abferkelstall 7.jpg

So wellness in the farrowing stable only works with "and" not with "or".

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