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Cooperation with Hartmann food technology

The quality standards in Russia are gradually reaching European levels. Hartmann food technology from Nienburg has years of experience in the Russian market. As a general contractor in Russia Hartmann has always focused on quality and selected its products accordingly...

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Under Floor Exhaust Extraction - Myths and Facts

Again and again we experience that, in technical discussions with colleagues and other industry insiders, utterly false or misleading statements regarding the function and effect of a under floor exhaust extraction are made...

Leaky stable doors

Leaky stable doors

Unfortunately we always come across leaky section doors when we do our checks in the stables.

So we would like to point out once more...

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

Energy Costs in Pig Farming

The ever rising energy prices are causing several managers to "screen" their businesses:

where is my operation? are my energy costs too high? or is everything OK?

New perforated Panels

New perforated Panels

The further development of the well-known hard foam supply air perforated panel led to the innovation of a new perforated panel which is made ​​of EPS foam with NANO technology



hdt Ventilatoren

Ventilators - ETAvent technology has proven itself well over the last years!

ZIEHL-ABEGG VentilatorenThe energy saving effect is significant and the reliability has been proven. The advantage of frequency-dependent regulation lies in the significantly lower stress on the wrapped insulation of motors. With the alternative, energy-efficient frequency conversion, a high amount of filtering and throttle wiring is required in order to prevent damage to the ventilators. In many cases this wiring is not properly installed and this shortens the life of the ventilators. For these reasons we primarily utitlize the more reliable ETAvent technology. However, in some cases the required ventilators are not available in ETAvent technology. In these cases, we use it with a proper filter frequency regulator with a proper filter  circuit..

Duct ventilators

RohrventilatorThe standard (Asyncron and ETAvent) series ventilators are also manufactured and used as duct fans. For tube ventilators in our exhaust stacks sturdy PVC sleeves are first pressed in to stiffen the stacks. This has the great advantage that it allows us to ensure a uniform air gap between the blade and stack wall, which reduces the pressure loss. With many other suppliers this is not taken into consideration and there is significant pressure loss because the air gap is too large and often uneven..

Data on Ziehl-Abegg asynchronous ventilators

 Standard types of the  asynchronous design

230 V / 50 Hz   


FC 031-4 E

1700 m³/h at 30 Pa 

FC 035-4 E

3100 m³/h at 30 Pa

FC 040-4 E

4750 m³/h at 30 Pa

FC 045-4 E

5670 m³/h at 30 Pa

FC 050-4 E

7520 m³/h at 30 Pa

FC 063-6 E

11200 m³/h bei 30 Pa   

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400 V / 50 Hz   


FC 045-4 D

5980 m³/h at 30 Pa 

FC 050-4 D

7670 m³/h at 30 Pa

FC 063-6 D

11280 m³/h at 30 Pa

FC 071-6 D

14750 m³/h at 30 Pa

FC 080-6 D

22500 m³/h at 30 Pa

FC 091-6 D

20450 m³/h at 30 Pa   


 Pressure-resistant types of the async-design (for exhaust filter technology) 400V / 50Hz


400 V / 50 Hz   


FC 063-4 DQ.6K.A7

16000 m³/h at 100 Pa   

FC 071-4 DQ.6N.A7

22000 m³/h at 100 Pa

FC 091-6 DQ.7Q.A7

32500 m³/h at 100 Pa

FE 091-6 DQ.6N.A7

22000 m³/h at 100 Pa

FC 080-4 DQ.7Q.A4

36500 m³/h at 100 Pa

Data on Ziehl-Abegg ETAvent system

Standard types of the ETAvent designs

230 V / 50 Hz   


ETA 40-4 IQ

4250 m³/h at 30 Pa

ETA 45-4 IQ

5810 m³/h at 30 Pa

ETA 50-4 IQ

7800 m³/h at 30 Pa

ETA 63-4 IQ

10070 m³/h at 30 Pa

ETA 71-4 IQ-41.3

14780 m³/h at 30 Pa

ETA 91-4 IQ-41.3   

23000 m³/h at 30 Pa   

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Pressure-resistant types of the ETAvent design 137 (for exhaust filter technology etc.) 400V / 50Hz


400 V / 50 Hz   


ETA 063-6 IQ.6N.A7

20200 m³/h at 100 Pa   

ETA 071-6 IQ.6N.A7

24800 m³/h at 100 Pa

ETA 080-6 IQ.6N.A7

26500 m³/h at 100 Pa

ETA 091-6 IQ.6N.A7

32200 m³/h at 100 Pa

Energy balance diagram - ETAvent technology

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